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  1. Hi,

    I love SRT Filter but I have one problem with it. When I process srt file encoding in Utf8 with bom, the programm save them in utf8 without BOM. It's a problem because if you use those srt files in mkvmerge, you loose accentuated latin characters because they are converted, unless you add "--sub-charset" "0:UTF-8" in command line.

    It would be great if you can add an option to automatically save ansi & utf8 w/o bom files into utf8 w bom files during processing.


    1. SRTFilter dont save files in utf8 w/o bom.
      The program save the files in DOS Text (or ANSI).
      I try to search about your problem, but seems something too specific. I dont even ear about bom before you :)

  2. Is it possible to use it by command line?

    I have tried to use it, by passing the folder to process as argument, but it seems to be mandatory still to press the filter button...
    Ex: C:\Files>SRTFilter.exe C:\Files

    Will would be nice to have an options to process files automatically.

  3. Hi,

    Remove tags settings fails in this case:

    00:01:14,250 --> 00:01:15,885
    {\pos(197,195)}501 Ms. Knope Goes to Washington

    Could you please improve it?

    1. That it not a proper tag. Because that it fails to remove it
      Proper tag are like this:
      [tag] This is a valid tag [/tag]

      It has to have a first part: [tag]
      then a final part (equal to to first part with the / before): [/tag]

      Examples are:

      [b] Bold [/b]
      [i] Italic [/i]
      [color] Color [/color]

  4. muchísimas gracias Pablo excelente trabajo muy útil odio cuando ingresan leyendas extra en los subs y con este programas se eliminan muy fácilmente.
    un abrazo

  5. any way you could share your source code? i'd be really interested in the under the hood workings. Thanks!